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A Healthier and Longer Life Stems from the Olive Tree

Olive Oil has moved from our dining room tables to become a first class cosmetic product ingredient.Our belief is that Olive Oil is an essential part of our diet in addition to our skin care.The beauty of using olive oil for conditioning, maintaining and protecting the skin is that there is no age limit for its usage. The Abiante Skin Care Body Butters are Olive Oil based and most luxurious. Olive oil can be used on babies as freely as on adults and the elderly, with no fear of allergy, side-effects or toxicity.It is rich in nutritional and antioxidant properties and possesses protective and regenerative properties which make it an excellent product for the skin. This so-called "liquid gold" has many beneficial qualities which has made it an indispensable ingredient for our product line. In short it can be argued that the extra virgin olive oil, besides being a product that takes care of us on the inside, also does so on the outside... helping us care for the natural beauty of our skin.Even though Olive Oil is at the heart of our skin care products, of course we use other wonderful, organic oils...

but our Cleopatra and Queen of all the oils is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Discover Your New Addiction

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