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Chef Jaime

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Jaime Felix Melgar

A Dominican/Peruvian born cook with passion for Hot Pepper Sauce. He started off his career opening up Community Eatery in Flemington, New Jersey, as the Sous Chef to Jersey known Chef David Werner, he learned the arts of the kitchen through trial by fire. He carried on his love for culinary by learning different skills and techniques through various kitchens until Chef Anthony Moraes discovered him in 2014, where he began his career with the culinary team at Facebook. After 5 years of climbing through the ranks he currently holds the position of Jr. Sous Chef at Facebooks first plant-based Vegan/Vegetarian kitchen, Ceci et Cela in New York City. Here he continues his journey learning new and exciting ways of working with plant-based eating. 


                  Chef Jaime has also been a judge for the New York City Hot Sauce Expo for the past 2 years. Through determination and his entrepreneurial spirit, Chef Jaime has also created 3 original home –made Hot Pepper Sauces which are now showcased at Facebook, in New York City. He takes pride in corporate and in-home recipe development and can be found throughout the tri-state area, teaching a class on hot sauce, showcasing a new traditional charcuterie platter, or hosting brunch social. It is important to have a good work/life balance and as family man he knows this all too well. After long hours in the kitchen he still finds the time to sit back and enjoy some quality time with his family. You can always expect high energy, a warm atmosphere and most of all GREAT FOOD from Chef Jaime.

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