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This fantastic authentic Italian collection is all about enjoying Italian specialties and includes everything you need for an easy Italian dinner for your next gathering. Imported Ziti Pasta from Italy is made with only all natural ingredients. Along with two types of delicious Basil Pesto and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a light healthy delicious meal! 


What's Included:

1- Ziti

1- Pesto Calabrese

1- Tradtitional BasilPesto


1- Olive Wood Spoon

1- Rainbow Peppercorn

1- Peppermill

This hand-crafted olive wood spoon was designed in Italy and made in Tunisia. All spoons vary in color and measurement. Guaranteed to class up your stovetop for years to come. One is included.


Pesto & Pasta Lover

  • Pesto Calabrese comes from the Calabrian region of Italy is known for their peppers, which is the main ingredient in this Pesto Calabrese sauce. Mixed with cheese and spices, this pesto sauce is creamy and bursting with flavor. It also has a wonderful light orange color, which makes for a fantastic plate presentation!

    Pesto Genovese is a green basil pesto that encapsulates the flavors of Genoa, a city in the Liguria region of Italy.This creamy pesto sauce is a wonderful pasta sauce for any time of year. It’s bright, herbaceous aroma makes it excellent for summer pasta recipes, while its unique texture makes it the perfect addition to winter vegetable soup.

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