Our Lavender Delight Gift Box is full of little treasures. Lavender & Honey, the perfect pair...relaxing, delicious, all natural.


1- 6 oz. Lavender Honey Sweet n' Salty Body Polish by ABIANTE-
    If you are looking for a dreamy buttery exfoliating Body Polish... this is the real         

    thing. This will be the most gentle yet invigorating exfoliation spa experience ever.     

   Your skin will be drench in moisture and polished to a radiant finish with this extra-rich, 

    buttery, sugar and mineral salt Lavender Honey Body Polish.

    Packed with skin nurturing butters, olive oil, antioxidant rich botanicals, and organic   

    essential oils, this wonderful body polish scrubs away dead cells and impurities and

    attracts and holds moisture to the skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and soft—baby soft!

    If you are a fan of Lavender you will LOVE this...


1- 2.5 oz. Blackberry & Rosemary Jam - Incredible on chicken, ribs and of course bread of your



1- 8.5 oz Ginger & Honey Balsamic Vinegar - Tangy and Sweet and simply a must for your

     summer salads.


1- 4 oz. Infused Blueberry Sea Salt - Perfect topping for your vanilla ice cream.


1-  8.8oz. Coriander Honey - Try a little drizzle on your favorite soft cheese. 


1- Honey Stick
 1- Lavender Sachet- Pure All natural Lavender - Perfect for your lingerie draw or just

     hanging around in your closet.


Your Gift Set will arrive packed securely and finished with a green and lavender chiffon ribbon bow.

Lavender Delight Gift Set