Inspired by the beautiful sun-drenched groves of lemon trees and the rolling hills of Italy, this extra virgin olive oil is made using  extracted from fresh lemons. So delicious! Can use it on almost everything. Fish, grill vegetables or drizzle over a fresh salad. Use in baking to adds a delicate aromatic flavor and it is the perfect secret ingredient to vinagrettes. Lemon pound cake...Blend it will our fabulous basil, garlic and even coconut oil. Let your imagination carry you away.


Our Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and 100% Italian. All of our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils are produced, infused and packaged at our facility in Italy.

This product is Naturally Flavored with all natural extracts and spices.


Three different sizes to choose from.

50ml,100ml and 250ml.


SKU: 0010
  • Unlike some of our competitors; the base Olive Oil used in our Infused and Fused (Agrumato) Extra Virgin Olive Oils are 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Our In-House Certified Olive Oil Sommelier Performs a Sensory Analysis to ensure the product does not have any sensory defects (i.e. Rancid, Musty, Fusty etc.)When the product arrives in our facility, we order a second chemical analysis from a 3rd party lab in the U.S to ensure what we received is in fact what we sampled and approved in Italy at time of harvest.