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Enjoy 3 Bottles of deliciousness!


Chipotle Lemon Pepper: A smoky, spicy, citrusy blend of chipotle pepper, lemon and black pepper. Not only is this great for any type of protein, but it’s also delicious when used with vegetables.


Herb de Provence: Enjoy the flavors of the French countryside… a blend of rosemary, savory, marjoram, thyme and lavender. A nice floral extra virgin olive oil that makes any dish pop. Popular uses of this oil would be as a finishing oil for grilled meats and vegetables; or as a sauté oil for baked fish; and it’s also a beautiful option for using as a dipping olive oil for fresh bread. One exciting option is using this as a component in an herb aioli or as a drizzler on roasted potatoes.


Rosemary:A delicious Italian blend featuring Rosemary as the primary flavor. Blending Zesty Pasta spices with our high quality extra virgin olive oil and garlic, this is a great bread dipping blend, wonderful to top grilled vegetables or use to marinade chicken.


NOTE: Packaging and products subject to change depending on availability. Actual product packaging and materials may be different from what is shown on our website. Due to seasonality and because some varieties/flavors in this collection are produced in limited quantity, we may occasionally have to make substitutions with similar products of equal quality!

Dipping Oils 3- Pack Gift Set

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