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This beautiful organic soy cement candle is a wonderful addition to any home. Neutral colors with floral print on all four sides. Hand made, hand poured. Blend of organic soy wax and olive oil make a creamy soft candle.

Strudel & Spice scented, will fill your home with memories and is ready for the holidays.

Approx. measurement is 4” tall by 3” diameter. 
Each candle is hand poured and unique, so exact style and size will vary.

Please allow time for candle to cure.
Organic Soy Wax is 100% Vegan and and does not contain any animal bi-products.
100% All Natural


Trim wick to ¼" each time before lighting.
Always place candles on a fireproof surface.
Never burn a candle completely; dispose of it when it burns to within ½" of its base or the holder.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Please keep candles away from all pets.

Organic Soy Cement Candle,Vegan Candle

SKU: appliq-candle
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