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When I think back to my childhood my fondest memories almost all were related to food and cooking. I remember my grandmother’s sauce or gravy as we called it, made from fresh tomatoes that cooked for days, mounds of garlic, and of course fresh herbs.


I remember dipping a hard Italian biscuit in red wine with dinner, helping to roll out the dough to make fresh pasta, delicious homemade desserts and of course olive oil. It was everywhere. On the table, underneath the kitchen cabinet, next to the stove and pretty much everywhere you looked. My grandmother even used it on her skin before going to bed. Needless to say she had the softness skin ever.


Having had the opportunity to raise a family and work in different business throughout the years, deep down food has always been and will always be my passion.


Olive Essentials is a woman owned specialty shop bringing you amazing products, delicious recipes and everything related to Olive Oil. My exclusive brand, Sogni d’ Oliva which means Olive Dreams in Italian, was born with the desire to bring only the highest quality, and freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars directly to my customers. My Oils and Vinegars are internationally sourced and naturally infused with fruits and spices. No artificial flavorings or chemical enhancements. After many years of research and hard work, I am proud to partner with some of the best producers to bring you the finest products in the industry ... 


My dream and my goal is to open a store that will cater to the simplest of home cooks to the most discerning chef. And where everyone can come together to taste this delicious “liquid gold” and experience real Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar that can be enjoyed for years to come with family and friends.


 I wish you all Buon Appetito!




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