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  Olive Wood Gemstone Jewelry
                  Hand Crafted 
              Globally Sourced

I am an entrepreneur, creator and lover of beautiful things... my inspirations are influenced mostly from different cultures from around the world and the colors and natural beauty of nature. Jewels With Gems is a small company that I started many years ago where I imagined unique and meaningful handmade jewelry for those who are not afraid to wear statement pieces. What's my style someone once asked? "Fun, playful, bold, and creative."

My collections are one-of-a-kind and are so special as they represent you, your story, and the meaning you find in them. I design jewelry that celebrate each and everyone's unique differences.


 I have a dream that all of these expressive designs will always be with you and share every beautiful moment of your life!

Thank you for supporting me as I strive to make one of a kind jewelry just for you, all hand- made with love.

Enjoy the experience...

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